Frequently Asked Question

What changes have taken place?

  • We have changed the name of our independent servicers website from to
  • We now offer brand new and certified remanufactured parts in addition to the repair service.
  • We have also increased our warranty from one year to three years on Return for Repair (RFR) and from six months to twelve months on Remanufactured parts!

Have the Return for Repair (RFR) prices remained the same?

Yes. We still offer the same discounted prices to this close community of service technicians with free return ground shipping! 

Before, when I purchased remanufactured parts from CoreCentric Solutions, I had to pay retail price. Will I be able to get wholesale pricing on

Yes. From now on, servicers will get wholesale pricing on Remanufactured parts. 

Is my order history still available?

Yes. There will be a link to get to your order history.  

Is return ground shipping still free?

Yes. Ground return shipping is free for Return for Repair, and this will now apply when you buy Remanufactured parts. 

What about new parts?

Thanks to our partnerships with many part supply houses, you now will also have the ability to purchase from a selection of more than one million New parts, at discounted prices. All new parts come with a standard manufacturer warranty.!